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For expats in Germany

You are new in Germany? I translate any official document you need for your registration process in Germany, to get married here, to get your German work permit or to get on German streets with your very own European driver license. Beyond that I translate any other document or certificate from English into German.

For Germans coming back home

You studied abroad and need your documents accepted back home in Germany? I translate any English document into German for submission to authorities, employers and administration offices, for the ministry of education and cultural affairs.

For Germans leaving the country

I have translated a variety of German documents for German customers. If you are planning to emigrate, to marry abroad or to apply for a visa in a English-speaking country, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will certainly localize any German document according to the respective country. This includes American or British spelling, the date format and different terms for the same German word, depending on the destination country.

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