Competitive translation rates

The pricing structure for your high-quality translations

In Germany, prices for certified translations are calculated according to the German Law on Payment and Compensation by Judiciary Authorities (§ 11 JVEG). Every price consists of two main components: the translation costs and the certification fee.

Translation costs

€1.80 / standard line*
*50 to 55 characters per line
of target text incl. blanks

Certification fee

€15.00 for each document
€10.00 each, for 2 - 3 documents
€5.00 each, for 4 + documents

Other factors

completion date
number of copies
shipping method

A more detailed description of my translation rates and how I work

Why I don't have fixed prices

Every document is different. Even documents from the same country look different, depending on the state or region the document is from. The translation of an Indian birth certificate, for example, can have 11 or 44 standard lines, which makes a difference of €60 for the translation costs. For you to get the best price, I treat every document individually. 

I will give you a cost estimate for the translation after I had a look at your document. The final price, however, depends on the final number of standard lines of the translation and can be given after completion of the certified translation. In my experience the price will be about the same as the estimated costs.

To give you an orientation I have collected translation prices of standard documents from different countries. I hope this gives you a little insight into the price range of my translation rates. I am looking forward to receiving your request.

translation-rates-certified translations-munich-germany


Birth Certificate: €100
Marriage Certificate: €55
Driver License: €60

translation-rates-certified translations-munich-germany


Birth Certificate: €55
Marriage Certificate: €65
Driving Licence: €35

translation-rates-certified translations-munich-germany


Birth Certificate: €50
Marriage Certificate: €45
Driver Licence: €50

translation-rates-certified translations-munich-germany


Birth Certificate: €60
Marriage Certificate: €50
Driving Licence: €40

translation-rates-certified translations-munich-germany


Birth Certificate: €50
Marriage Certificate: €40
Driving Licence: €25



Birth Certificate: €55
Marriage Certificate: €40
Driving Licence: €40

All prices subject to change plus certification fee.

Your country or document is not on the list?

No worries! These are examples for very common translation requests. Of course, I translate documents from any other English-speaking country as well, like Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland or Ireland. And also from other countries which issue their documents in English, for example Lebanon, Finland, Bulgaria, Hong Kong or other Asian or African countries.

Birth or marriage certificates as well as driving licences are usually the kind of documents you need a certified translation for, when you first come to Germany. However, I translate any kind of official document and certificate from English to German. Further examples are: transcripts, degree certificates, diplomas, certificates of no impediment, apostilles or your traffic history report.

You are not sure I will translate your official document? Just send me an e-mail and ask. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

See what my clients are saying

„Quick, responsive, and competitive pricing! Daniela translated everything for our drivers license exchange. Her English is great, which was so helpful when I was new to the country. I highly recommend her translation services – we will definitely use her again!“

Kelly Gotschalk I USA

„I needed my birth certificate translating within one or two working days before a Standesamt appointment, by a registered translator. Daniela was quick to reply to my request and was able to complete the job in time at a very fair price. I picked the paperwork up and everything was professionally done and exactly as necessary for the appointment. I’d happily use Daniela’s services again should I need anything translating in the future.“​

Dan Brown I UK

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